OMG, I’m getting old!

Blogging 101…really…did this have to be so hard? (read sarcasm here, because I’m tired and can’t express myself well enough to get that across). I just resumed this blog after a few months hiatus, and couldn’t for the life of me remember how to change my title and tagline, lol! In fact, I’ve been having trouble just getting to my page dammit! Thanks to today’s assignment, I figured it out, after a brief scare of seeing my page turn up purple (very scary!). Luckily it was just that preview thing that wants to me to get Premium stuff (could have chosen a better colour than purple to convince me though). Oh and don’t let me forget how I checked my mail all day looking for this assignment because I obviously didn’t read the welcome email properly – it clearly said 7 PM, not AM. I kept checking my settings to make sure I’d done what I was supposed to do as suggested in the email. Yep, did them all except read the bloody thing, I promise I’ll do better!

I’m already more engaged in the community, having spent a pleasant afternoon visiting those that liked/followed me yesterday. I’m wondering how people with 100’s of followers and likes keep up? I had to stop around dinner time because my stomach was growling madly!

In any case I changed my title and tagline to something pretty unimaginative and simple…sorry. I’m going to have to put some thought into it to come up with something snappy and witty. It was hard to let go of the 100happydays, and commit to something ongoing. I keep thinking there are rules to blogging, I have to be “selling” something, have a theme, be something other than simply me. Really though, I’m doing this because it did make me happy while I was doing it.

Tomorrow my personal goal is to post a picture along with my post as that is part of my goal, to take more pictures, particularly of stuff that makes me happy.

Night folks, I left this till too late in the evening (not to mention the time spent figuring out how things work…sigh).


Blogging 101 – It’s a New Year and a New Journey!

I started this blog last year in an effort to deal with the grief of losing my Dad to pancreatic cancer. I was angry, sad, depressed and so very alone. During the course of the year I had ended an unhealthy relationship with one of my best friends, was estranged from my Mom and Sister, and was barely functioning. I had become someone I didn’t recognize, and frankly didn’t like.

A friend posted on Facebook about 100HappyDays and I latched on to it like a lifeline. I knew from past experience that photography made me happy, and I figured I could “fake it ’til I made it”. It was both easier and harder to do than I expected. I enjoyed planning out my shots, and writing out my thoughts about my moments. It did work though, I gradually started seeing more positive in the world around me. I became grateful and appreciative of those little things in life that I previously had taken for granted. My relationship with my husband, my children and my pets improved – I felt, truly felt and embraced the love that I had for them everyday. I became mindful of how blessed I truly was. While I practiced the 100happydays, my life was better. Until I stopped doing it.  I became complacent and I let sadness, and some anger back in again. I struggled in the months leading up to Christmas, promising myself that I would start again, but never getting around to it. And so came New Years, and resolution time…I resolved to start again.

I hope to express gratitude through photography and writing each and every day. I hope to improve and expand my writing skills. I hope that maybe my journey might touch others. I’m joining Blogging 101 to meet others, learn, and share.

My Family Tree, otherwise known as Organized Chaos!


Just a portion of my “organized chaos”


Unknown little girl – A mystery to solve!


Newspaper articles, some dating from 1935! Lots of interesting stories! What will happen when we only have digital copies of our newspapers and obits?

Happy Days – Day 3 – Lots more posts to come on this topic!

I started doing my Family Tree about a year ago, not knowing what I was getting into, lol. I started with just creating the tree, and researching family mostly online. I made contacts within the family, including a wonderful lady from England, a cousin of my Dad’s, and another lovely lady doing her own tree. Working with their information added a lot of anecdotal stories, and really began to personalize my experience. Mom kindly gave me a massive amount of pictures, letters, newspaper articles, obituaries to go through, scan, and sort.This ended up being the most labour intensive part of the fun – matching faces to names, estimating dates and locations, and just discovering “stuff”. I’m still working through it a bit at a time. I’m having a wonderful time, and am thrilled with every connection I make. It’s kind of magical to go back in time and get to know my relatives! When I began this, I thought it would only take a few months to do, however I think I have enough to occupy me for years to come. Mom also has more boxes of stuff for me to go through, hopefully this will help me to solve a few more mysteries!


My Uncle Brian as a child (and Dad at the top upside down, lol). Love these old pictures!


My Grandfather’s school autograph book from 1925! How awesome is that!

My little Xmas tree

Happy Days – Day 2 –

A new tradition has been in the making over the last few years or so. My brother takes me out to cut down our tree near his workplace. This usually involves a wonderful long walk, the dogs getting full of brush, and a happy feeling of tradition. This year while looking for my tree, I came across this perfect little one. I convinced Paul (easily) that two trees were better than one. I also found the little nest (on the table) the same day, and I could see in my mind how I was going to set this all up. I love Xmas lights, and tomorrow they will be gone for another year, and so I share with all of you another Happy Memory!


Dad’s Deer and the Holiday spirit!

01_Dad's Deer (1)

Happy Days – Day 1 – I’m starting again, and going on indefinitely! Simply sharing moments from my life, mostly Happy, but I’m sure there will be other kinds too.

Mom was kind enough to give me this deer head of Dad’s. It’s his first mounted head. He was an avid hunter and outdoors man. As far back as I can remember we had deer head mounted on the wall. There was much family tradition, and ceremony around hunting season: what happens in the camp stays in the camp (a la Vegas), no women allowed, Dad did the cooking and the budget. This head epitomizes something he loved and therefore it means a great deal to me. When I first brought it home, I wasn’t ready to put it up, it was enough that it was here. When finally I was ready, I was undecided as to where to mount it. I wasn’t so sure I wanted it in my living room, lol. However, as it turned out, over the mantle was really the only spot for it. I will be adding a shadow box to the left of it with some photos, some of his ashes, and other mementos soon. As to the decorations, Paul decided he needed some Holiday cheer. So while this Xmas was bittersweet, I often glanced over at Dad’s deer, smiled and thought of him and how he’d love knowing it was here, front and center, and part of our Xmas. Still miss you everyday Dad, but I know you too are smiling down from Heaven, xo

Day 56: #100HAPPYDAYS – Mother’s Day came early!

This lovely canvas came by mail yesterday from my daughter Cailyn Edwards. It’s a collage of some of my 100happydays, and a few other goodies thrown in. I happened to call her, and mentioned that it had come, but that I would wait until Mother’s Day to open it. Well she was having none of it, lol – excitedly exclaiming “Open it now, open it now, while I’m on the phone!” It was wrapped in layers of freakin’ bubble wrap, and while I could clearly see that it was a canvas with pictures on it, I couldn’t see what the pictures were of. After struggling for what seemed like hours to open the damned thing, I was absolutely thrilled to see it in all it’s glory. It’s a perfect gift for me, I love my pictures, and I’m loving my 100happydays too. I was more than a little choked up at the thoughtfulness of this very special gift (as my son said in disgust, something to the effect of “ok, here comes the tears”, lol. This gift was even more appreciated and cherished because Cailyn and I recently had an “adjustment” to our relationship, one that resulted initially in some hurt feelings on both our sides. We were still working through that while she put this together, and had it shipped to me. I very much appreciate that she is the kind of person who can rise above a disagreement, knowing and trusting that we would be able to resolve it, and still think of her Mom on her special day. Cailyn was born on Mother’s Day, which for me always made the day extra special. Our disagreement had to do with the fact that Momma Bear was not realizing that her little girl, was not so little anymore. In fact, she had become an independent young woman, who perhaps doesn’t need parenting as much as she used (if at all, lol). I love you Goose, and respect you as well, not to mention – I am proud of you, enormously so! So, yes little Goose, I accept the fact that you are more than ready to spread your wings and fly, xoxoxo.


Day 55: #100HAPPYDAYS – My daughter, Frisket, and the Sun!!!

Today was a great day, the weather was awesome, so some time was spent outside. I met Mr. Frisket, who couldn’t be cuter if he tried. And best of all, I had a wonderful, wonderful visit with my daughter, Cailyn Edwards! I’m sure I overwhelmed her with puppy advice, lol. Toby (her partner) came for dinner as well. I couldn’t have made the day any better. All the puppies got along well with their new “cousin”, Miss Tyra most of all (was there any doubt). I’m very happy today!


Meet Frisket – Australian Shepherd


My daughter and her first “child”, lol!



Miss Tyra getting her share of lovin’ too – love this athletic girl!


Digging for all he’s worth, the little rat!


Who could get mad at that face?!